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History of Leawood Kansas

The team at Brinton Realty are experts in selling real estate in the Leawood, Kansas area.  From the beautiful homes in Old Leawood to the new traditional homes in South Leawood, Brinton Realty has years of experience in this neighborhood.

Development in Leawood, Kansas began in the 1920s, and began to grow steadily in the late 1940s after its first major residential area was established. The town now covers more than 15 square miles.   Leawood has been one of the fastest growing cities in the state due to its ideal location near downtown Kansas, and thriving local economy.

Residents of Leawood also enjoy a large, centrally located city park known as Tomahawk Creek Greenway, which runs southwest to northeast across town.

Oscar G. Lee, a retired police officer from Oklahoma, set down the modern-day roots of Leawood. When Lee arrived in 1922, he brought with him a lifetime of dreams about his own future that he sought to make real on land he purchased between what are now 79th and 103rd Streets and State Line and Belinder Roads.

This purchase became the foundation of present-day Leawood. However, Leawood was shaped in great part in 1948, following the establishment of a Kroh Brother’s housing development.

Leawood home styles come in all flavors, combining the best of the historic tradition with the momentum of the contemporary midwest. With more than 10,000 homes in all price ranges spread throughout the Leawood real estate area, there’s something for every buyer here. Top-end Leawood listings in the low millions feature spacious properties with a wide variety of amenities and custom features like wrap-around tile patios, large pools, wet bars, and security systems. More affordable Leawood homes start in the high $100k range, with a large selection of classic and new midwestern homes in choice locations on offer.

Read more about Leawood Kansas here.

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Thanksgiving Fires

Thanksgiving Day is the peak day for home cooking fires.  Did you know that cooking fires are the leading cause of most home fires? Cooking fires are usually the result of frying and result in $993 Million in direct property damage, not to mention injuries and worse. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, here are some of the annual averages for home fires:

  • Unattended cooking was by far the leading contributing factor in these fires.
  • Two-thirds (67%) of home cooking fires started with the ignition of food or other cooking materials.
  • Clothing was the item first ignited in less than 1% of these fires, but these incidents accounted for 16% of the cooking fire deaths.
  • Ranges accounted for the largest share (58%) of home cooking fire incidents. Ovens accounted for 16%.
  • Three of every five (57%) reported non-fatal home cooking fire injuries occurred when the victims tried to fight the fire themselves.
  • Frying poses the greatest risk of fire.
  • Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires.

So when you are cooking your Thanksgiving feast this holiday, remember to be careful!  Go here to read safe cooking tips from the NFPA.

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2014 Real Estate Trends

CBS News reports on some of the real estate trends for 2014.   The information from the CBS story is from a report from the Urban Land Institute.  The report was released this week at the land use and planning nonprofit’s annual conference in Chicago.

The group highlighted a number of housing trends they expect to see playing out over the next few years, based on surveys and interviews with real estate developers, investors, lenders, servicers and builders.

Here at Brinton Realty, we aren’t sure that these trends will all play out in Kansas City but the story is worth reading.  Read the CBS story about Real Estate Trends for 2014.

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Mission Hills

Mission Hills,  Kansas is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the Kansas City area.  It was named on Forbes Most Affluent U.S. Neighborhoods in 2011 but the Kansas City suburb is a desireable location for families and singles.  Mission Hills is located minutes from the Country Club Plaza and Downtown but has the feel of living in the country.

Mission Hills tied for third on the publication’s list of the most affluent U.S. neighborhoods on the Forbes list.  According to the magazine, Mission Hills’ median household income is estimated at $243,000.

Mission Hills ranked behind two other suburbs — Dallas suburb Westlake in the top spot and Chicago suburb Kenilworth as No. 2. Their median household incomes were $250,000 and $247,000, respectively.

The rankings were based on average median household income estimates from 2005 and 2009, available from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey. Interestingly, all of the most affluent neighborhoods had populations of less than 64,999. the city that tied with Mission Hills — Popponesset Island, Mass. — had 39 residents, according to the 2000 Census. That same year, Mission Hills’ population was 3,593.

Five Generations

Brinton Realty comes from a long line of real estate families stretching back five generations. Real estate is our family business, and we do it very well, but experience in other industries has helped make us even more effective.

Our Greater Kansas City Area Realtor® team members have had additional careers in marketing, lending, teaching, and home construction.

Brinton Realty owner Reed Brinton and his family are proud residents of the Kansas City area.  The Brinton Realty teams brings years of local experience to every real estate transaction.

Visit the Brinton Realty website to learn more about the Kansas City area and please contact us if you are considering buying or selling a home.